Experience the most adrenaline-packed hunt of a lifetime! Hunting coyotes using our hounds is the most exciting and thrilling hunt that we offer. Ride along as we start out by using our 4x4 hunting rigs to scare coyotes out of the cover. Once the coyotes are spotted we chase down the coyotes to within a reasonable distance with the hunting rig, then release the hounds and watch the race! Our hounds run down the coyotes and handle the rest on their own. We have a locally high predator population that needs to be controlled. Coyotes kill baby fawns, pheasants, quail, and many other game animals, not to mention livestock! We team together with local farmers to help them rid these predators. Join us to help the cause, and enjoy the show while doing it!

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Pricing is as follows:

1/2 Day Hunt: $249

1 Full Day Hunt: $349

2 Full Day Hunt: $679

3 Full Day Hunt: $925

***Prices include 1 meal per day, and full lodging at our brand new lodge!***