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 Wild West Upland Paradise offers Top Quality Dove Hunts. Dove Season opens each year on September 1st. We have a liberal limit of 15 birds per day, which allows for plenty of fun shooting. A typical hunt consists of hunting over cropland fields for the morning hunt that starts at daylight. After hunting for 2-3 hours we will head back to the lodge for lunch and relaxation time. We will then head back to hunt around 3:00PM. The afternoon hunt will be much warmer temperatures which will force the birds to search for water. Since the birds will be searching for water, we will be set up, and be waiting for them near ponds. After the hunt you can sit around our fire ring and reminisce about your hunt with your buddies. Doves can fly up to 55mph, making sudden dips and dodges making them challenging to hunt even for the best shotgunners. This makes them a blast to hunt! Give us a call to book your Top Quality Dove Hunt today!

Call (785) 243-0600

Dove Hunt Pricing:

1 Full Day Hunt: $229

2 Full Day Hunt: $389

3 Full Day Hunt: $589

***Prices include Full Lodging, at our brand new lodge and 1 Meal Per Day***


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