Wild West Upland Paradise has some truly amazing Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts. We are lucky enough to be located in a zone in which a tag is easily drawn. We have incredible deer habitat. The type of habitat that grows MONSTER Kansas Trophy Bucks. In order to inhibit huge trophy bucks, your deer management practices have to be on point, and ours certainly is! We do not allow a large number of hunters to come in and hunt our properties each year. We only allow a hand-full of hunters to come in and hunt our trophy bucks. We do this to ensure the quality of our deer, and for our deer management program to stay on track. Typically we have current trail camera photos of 10-20 bucks that will score between 140", and 200" on our properties. We spend excessive amounts of time on our properties to find out these bucks' regular bedding areas, feeding areas, and traveling paths. We do our homework so we can put our hunters in an area to have the best chance for success! Currently we have a very high kill success rate. If you are interested in a once in a lifetime Trophy Buck Hunt then you need to give us a call today!

Call (785) 243-0600

  • Kansas has a draw system for Non-Resident Deer Hunters. The application period is from April 1st to April 25th. If hunters miss this window, there may be left over tags sold on a first come/first serve basis starting at midnight on July 1st. Luckily we are in zones in which tags are easily drawn. Call the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, & Tourism for more information about drawing a tag. 

Deer Season Dates:

  • Firearms – November 30th to December 11th

  • Muzzleloader – September 12th to September 25th

  • Archery – September 12th to December 31st

Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunt Pricing:

3-Day Guided Hunt (With Meals & Lodging) $2,500

5-Day Guided Hunt (With Meals & Lodging) $3,250

7-Day Guided Hunt (With Meals & Lodging) $4,000

***Prices include lodging at our brand new lodge and 1 meal per day***

Trophy Buck Fees:

160" - 170" Buck Score ($250)

170" - 180" Buck Score ($500)

180" - 190" Buck Score ($1,000)

190" - 200" Buck Score ($1,500)

200" Buck Score and up ($2,000)

There is a penalty fee for shooting a deer

that scores under 150 inches. 

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